False Start

So my project to tick all the bottles in the Good Bottled Beer Guide, didn’t get off to the best of starts. One of the four bottles, while still a nice drink, wasn’t even bottle conditioned.

So what was the issue…? Mainly that I have no idea how to describe how a beer smells or tastes and if I don’t write it down straight away, I certainly can’t remember the next day.

I don’t want to turn myself into a ticker, who’ll obsessively track down beers just to say they’ve tried them and I also don’t want to turn myself into some sort of beer version of Jilly Goolden. Having said that RateBeer has a single page document that contains loads of keywords that you can use to describe things like the smell, clarity, taste etc. I might have a try with that for a bit and see how we get on. I’m sure with a bit of practice we might be able to train our nose and palate to identify things.

So far, apart from the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, everything I’ve drank in the last week has been new, which is a great start, even if most of the beers haven’t been for my project. There is a downside at the moment, I’m writing this in bed while suffering from some lurgy that has laid three quarters of the house low. So it’ll probably be late next week before we can start properly, I may even have a trail run with some other beers I’ve got to see if I can manage to take notes…

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