Roma: Notte Due

Ducato Bia IPAI’ll start this post by saying that I’ve had a few, so excuse me for all the mistakes I make… Last week during The Cambridge Blue Festival of Winter Ale, I bumped into @jesus_john, he told me that I really need to visit a certain pub while I was over here. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà is rated very highly on RateBeer, so I knew I wanted to go, getting a personal recommendation sealed the deal.

They don’t do food, so I headed for Bir & Fud, which is right across the street and only serves beer, it sounded like my kind of restaurant. It wasn’t too busy when I got there, but they were turning people away in droves later on, so if your in a big group, it might be worth booking a table before you go.

Del Borgo Re AleI had a patate e mozzarella pizza with a Ducato Bia IPA. The pizza was great, the IPA was so palette wreckingly bitter it was fantastic, although probably not the best starter beer to start with. Next up was a Del Borgo Re Ale, which looked like it was served via a hand pump. It was really nice, but my palette was wrecked, so I probably didn’t get it’s true taste.

I decided it was time to get to the main event and headed to Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà, which is literally across the road. They have an impressive selection of taps and pumps and I wanted to remortgage the house after looking in the fridge. It was the two empty bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark! that nearly made me cry though…

Lambrate UrtigaI started off with a Lambrate Urtiga, it was night and mouthwatering fresh, mainly due to the massive lemon after taste, an interesting beer. It was while drinking this and watching Inter score against Chelsea that I noticed the beer list, which had BrewDog Chaos Theory listed. The chap behind that bar was really apologetic as it was all finished, he then said that they had BrewDog Hardcore IPA on instead, I nearly fell of my seat.

I might have been a tad dehydrated by this point as the Hardcore was quite malty, but it had a nice heavy bitterness that was was over quite quickly, but was followed through but a more subtle bitterness in the after taste. One to try in copious quantities when I get home.

BrewDog Hardcore IPAI then got talking to Manuele while I tried to pay the bill. To cut a long story short, he’s an absolute gent and when he found out that I homebrew, he dragged me back to Bir & Fud and got two pints on the house, one for him and one for me. I couldn’t believe it, I’d only been talking to him for a few minutes, the generosity was staggering.

My final pint of the evening was Bi-Du Confine a bitter, coffee, chocolate roasted imperial porter that was fantastic. Thank you so much Manuele, I’m going to have a hard time not going back tomorrow and Thursday now… While our pints were being poured, Manuele introduced me to John, who runs the Johnny’s Off License stores. Bi-Du ConfineI really, really, really have to go to one, the Italian beer he was describing sounds awesome, Italian Lambic anyone…?

It’s quite simple, my work colleagues have a choice, they either come to Bir & Fud and Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà tomorrow and Thursday, or I go on my own. If you are in Rome, you should make these two places your priority, I know I have.

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