Worst Beer Bottle Labels Ever…?

Fallen Angel bottles...

We were visiting a friend at the weekend who lives near Lewes in Sussex. I managed to pop into Lewes in the Saturday afternoon, mainly to visit the Harveys Brewery shop, where I picked up a few beers to try. I was disappointed not to see much Dark Star around, so on the Sunday I persuaded everyone that we should go to the Middle Farm shop, as I’d been told they had a large selection of cider, perry and beer. They had a good selection of beer from all over Sussex and it was difficult to only pick up a few to bring back.

The main point of this blog post though, is that I finally came face to face with the worst beer labels imaginable. I’m sure I’d previously seen them on Pump Clip Parade, but I can’t seem to find them now. Even so, nothing quite prepares you for when you see them in the flesh, truly horrendous, totally unnecessary and no doubt they put people off buying the beer.

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  1. That’s all a bit unnecessary isn’t it? I mean, each to their own, but it’s hardly the best way to get a product out to the widest possible audience, eh?

    Saw something similar (although not as gratuitous) at the weekend on a stall at the Manchester city centre farmer’s market – a range of beers with Viz-esque cartoon labels and names like ‘old fart’, ‘dogshit bitter’, that sort of guff. Didn’t bother to find out who the brewery was and the only people I saw taking any sort of interest were students.

    Again, why try to deliberately sabotage your sales by appealing to the lowest common denominator? Surely the student-humour-beer market can’t be that extensive?

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