The Regal & The Blue

Highgate Black Pig, Moorhouse Amber Rambler, St Peters Old Style PorterI had a bottle of BrewDog Sink the Bismarck! that I needed to give to a friend, I would have given it to him earlier, but I’ve been away working in Rome. As it would happen, Wetherspoon’s have their biannual beer festival on at the moment, on it was agreed that the hand over would happen in The Regal in Cambridge.

Sharp's Gentle Jane, Ramsbury Gold, Fremlins BitterNormally I wouldn’t go anywhere near The Regal, I’d rather stab a fork into one of my eyes. It’s the largest pub in the UK (at least I think it still is), capable of holding around 1,600 people intent on getting wasted on cheap booze. I was prepared to make an exception in this case, just on the off chance they had any of the festival specials on, they didn’t, so we may as well have just met up in The Live or The Blue, never mind.

The only good thing I can say about The Regal and Wetherspoon’s in general, is that they do three third pints for the cost of a pint, during their festivals. This meant I was able to try six beers instead of three or four, this kind of thing would really be handy and other festivals and is to be applauded.

Salopian ProhibitionThere beer they had on was a bit hit and miss, the Highgate Black Pig reminded me of a not particularly good homebrew and the Fremlins Bitter was forgetable. The St Peters Old Style Porter was plesant as was the smoky Ramsbury Gold. Pick of the bunch was Moorhouse’s Amber Rambler which was really nice and fruity, the Sharp’s Gentle Jane was a close second. I didn’t fancy trying the other three beers they had on and we all decided to head to The Cambridge Blue for some better beer.

Oakham CitraThe Blue was quite busy, but luckily a table magically became free just as we entered. I decided to try a Salopian Prohibition to start with and am really glad I did, it was excellent. The c-hops weren’t over the top, they were perfectly blended with the rest of the beer, I should really have had another. Instead I went for an Oakham Citra, which I have to say was a complete chore to drink. The hops were way over the top, which left the beer with a really cloying manky hoppyness that I really didn’t get on with.

Beer of the night has to be the Salopian Prohibition, it was excellent, I’ll definitely be having another one of those if I see it again.

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