Men of Norfolk

Iceni Men of NorfolkI was in The Bacchanalia the other week and I saw this beer for sale in 500ml bottles. I’d bought a 750ml bottle of it at the end of last year, it turned out to be off and got poured down the sink. I was hopeful that it was just a bad batch of large bottles, so decided to pick up a bottle and see if it was any good.

It pours a very dark reddish brown, exactly what you would expect of a strong old ale really. There wasn’t much head and what head there was, soon disappeared leaving the beer looking a bit on the flat side. It smells just like it tastes, smooth, heavy and malty.

It was really nice, even though it was lacking a bit of condition to give it that little bit extra. I noted that the lack of condition didn’t seem to matter, but on reflection I think a little bit more condition would elevate this one beyond the ordinary.

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