White Gold and Moonshine

I was in The Bacchanalia the other week trying to find some local beer to send as part of beer swap (more on that later). I was looking for some Oakham JHB, but they’d sold out, I needed one more local beer, so I grabbed a couple from White Park to see if they would cut the mustard. I got round to drinking them the other night and I’m afraid to say, I wouldn’t be sending either to my beer swap recipient.

White Park White GoldFirst up was the White Gold, a 3.8% light straw coloured beer. The bottled opened with a very loud pop and it was quite lively during the pour, forming a good loose head that eventually dissipated. There had obviously been a good period of conditioning in the bottle, as there were loads of bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pint glass. The pour might not have been prefect as there was a touch of yeast on the nose, there certainly was the claimed “aromatic hop aroma”.

The mouth feel was way to fizzy, the beer was just too effervescent for its own good. I couldn’t really taste anything and ended up leaving it for half an hour or so to calm down a bit. It was better when I picked it up again, it had a certain fruitiness about it was just bitter enough to be refreshing. It had a decent amount of body and would have been lovely but for the over conditioning.

White Park MoonshineNext up was their Moonshine, a 5.2% straw coloured “continental style” beer. Again this bottle was over conditioned and opened with a loud pop. It had the same loose head, but maybe slightly less bubbles. The aroma was of vague citrus and grass, with maybe a hint of metal. The taste would probably have been really quite nice if it hadn’t been so effervescent, I noted that there was a metallic edge and that it was grassy and gassy.

I’d certainly try both of these again if I saw them on cask, I think with a little less condition they would both be really nice. I don’t feel that I can send either of these to my beer swap recipient as the over conditioning ruins them too much, luckily I have found some JHB in Waitrose, so all is not lost.

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