The Three Tuns

Last night was an exception, the kids were staying over night at their grandparents, so my wife and I took the opportunity to go out to the pub. We decided to go the The Three Tuns in Great Abington, which is a few miles down the road. It’s a free house that has a good reputation for its Thai food, I’d never been before, so was quite looking forward to it.

The pub is on the High Street and you can’t miss it as you drive through the village. It looks like it might once have been thatched, it certainly looks like a classic country pub from the outside. Inside there are two rooms with a bar in each, the ceiling is low and the over all felling is of a really nice an cosy local, especially with all the wood.

My only gripe has to be the selection of beer that they had on the three hand pumps. I just think that a free house in Greene King country to be selling Greene King IPA is really disappointing. I can get a pint of Greene King IPA is practically every pub I pass on the way to and from work, it’s so ubiquitous in these parts, there’s just so much better local beer. They were also selling St Austell Tribute, which I’ve seen as a guest beer in my local Green King tied pub.

Wolf Straw DogLuckily all was not lost and the third hand pump had Wolf Straw Dog on, which was in very nice condition and slipped down dangerously well. My wife went for a couple of bottles of Singha lager beer to go with her curry, so I only had the one. They claim to get through 200 different beers a year on their website, so maybe we were just unlucky. However, the list of their regular beers, isn’t the most exciting for a beer geek.

The menu doesn’t have a lot of choice if you’re a vegetarian, but there is enough as long as you’re not going every week. Service was quick and attentive and the battered vegetable starter would have been more than large enough for my wife and I to share. Neither of us had room for desert after finishing our starters and mains, so if you’re not that hungry, you’d probably be able to get away with just a main.

They are have a very nice looking accommodation block in the garden, it looks very plush inside if the website photos are anything to go by. So if you have to drive and you fancy a drink, you could always stay over, or use it as a base to explore Cambridge and it’s environs.

Over all The Three Tuns get a big thumbs up, the beer and the food were both good and I’d certainly go back in the future.

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