Advent Beer: 800 Years Of Discovery

I let me wee lassie pick today’s advent beer and it it’s another strong one. I’ve had this beer lurking at the back of the beer cupboard for ages, so it’s about time I got round to drinking it. It’s one of a series of special beers that Cambridge Moonshine produced for the 800th Anniversary of Cambridge University, I’ve had a few others from this series, see here and here.

Moonshine 800 Years of DiscoveryIt poured a deep copper colour with a fairly easily formed light brown head. The head didn’t last and was completely gone by the time I got through the first quarter of the bottle. The nose doesn’t reveal much, there’s no discernible hop character, just some subtle crystal malt character.

It looks like it’s well conditioned, but the mouth feel, even though it’s not bad, doesn’t feel like it’s particularly well conditioned. It’s quite smooth, with, I suppose, an almost wateriness to the taste. I suppose it’s more of a malty juiciness than actually being watery though. The blurb on the side of the bottle claims there should be some grapefruit in the mix, I couldn’t detect any, instead I got some subtle green apple.

I can’t really say that this is a good beer, which is a shame. On the plus side, it didn’t drink like it was 9%. On the negative side, it’s too much like a failed homebrew. It could just be this bottle though, I’ve had it since last year and not treated it all that well, so your mileage may vary if you manage to track one down.

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