Advent Beer: Berserker Export Pale Ale

I had a bottle of this beer earlier in the year, when I was back visiting my parents. I didn’t realise that it was bottle conditioned and ended up dumping all the yeast into the glass. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t taste particularly good, so I was quite looking forward to trying it without the yeast.

Hebridean Berserker Export Pale AleIt poured a lovely deep copper, imagine the colour of a nice old English marmalade, with a cream coloured, solid head sat atop. The head dropped to a very good covering fairly quickly and as it was being fed by lots of bubbles, it lasted and lasted. There wasn’t much given away on the nose, maybe a hint of malt, a touch of sour apple, but nothing much else.

The body was quite full, with some up front sweetness and a tiny hint of an alcohol note. Then some sourish green apple and drying yeast notes came in, I’m pretty sure I had a clean pour, so I’m not sure if it was a bad beer, a bad bottle, or maybe I didn’t get as clear a pour as I thought. There didn’t seem to be much bitterness or hop character, the sourish apples obscured everything else, although my mouth was quite juicy at the end of each mouthful.

I’m not really sure what to think of this beer, as the apple notes were present in both bottles that I’ve had. I’m going to assume that I was just unlucky as both bottles were fro ma duff batch. If I see it again I might try another, but I wont be going out of my way to track this down.

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