Advent Beer: Imperial Stout 2009

As I’d been been in Rome over the weekend, there will be a blog about that soon, the Advent Beer took a bit of a break. This meant that I needed to play catch up and double drink for a couple of nights. Sunday wasn’t one of them though, I was just too tired and needed to just sit and switch off. I’d been hoping for an easy beer, something simple and quaffable, instead I got another monster from the selection.

Dark Star Imperial Stout 2009It poured a really, really dark brown, so dark that I could only tell it was brown when I tilted the glass over a white surface and looked through the edge. A tan coloured head was easily formed, but never got above about a finger and dispersed to a tiny ring round the edge fairly quickly. The nose on this bottle wasn’t as large as I was expecting, I just thought it would be, well, more. There was some subtle dark roasted notes and hints of chocolate , but it was all quite muted.

Again, I was surprised by the taste, it wasn’t as large as I was expecting either, it certainly didn’t drink like it was a 10.5% beer. The body was full, but really quite smooth, with just a hint of throat burn at the very end. There was definite bitter dark chocolate taste, with maybe a bit of coffee and maybe some fruity, but mostly the dark chocolate playing off the malty backbone.

  • RateBeer Dark Star
  • Imperial Stout 2009, 10.5%, 330ml

It wasn’t what I was expecting, I’d certainly buy another bottle to try, but on this showing, it isn’t my first choice of Imperial Stout.

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