The Session #49: Regular Beer

This months Session is being hosted by Stan Hieronymous at Appellation Beer and the topic is A ‘regular’ beer.

I was out with friends last night, we went to a number of pubs to the North of Cambridge city centre. It was a bit hit and miss if I’m being honest, but I managed to try eight different beers, all of which you could say were regular beers. In the UK a regular beer is most likely to be defined by most drinkers as a session beer, something they’ll have multiple pints of down the pub, or a few bottles of at home.

The SessionSo what is regular beer? Is it the beer you drink regularly, your favourite pint down the pub, the one that you drink every time you see it. Or is a regular beer one that isn’t extreme, doesn’t have weird ingredients and is to most people, normal?

For a beer geek though, I don’t think there is such thing as a regular beer in either sense. We seem to seek out the new, the novel, the weird and the downright strange. That’s not to say that we don’t have our favourites though. Those beers that we have every now and again, that sit at the back of the cupboard for when we just fancy a beer, with out having to think.

But that’s the thing, it’s an occasional thing, we’re too busy trying new beers left right and centre to be drinking the same beer regularly. Even our go to beer is probably not thought of as being a normal beer by non geeks. I doubt most beer drinkers in the UK would consider Marble Dobber, at 5.9% to be a normal beer, it’s far too high in ABV for the majority of session beer drinkers to even consider.

I don’t want to drink normal beer though, I’m not sure I even want to drink the same beer regularly, I’m too obsessed with what I haven’t had before. The whole reason I started this blog was because I’d fallen into a rut, I was drinking the same beers all the time, there was no variety and as we all know, variety is the spice of life. So I don’t really have a regular, normal beer, if I did though, it would probably be either Marble Dobber or HardKnott Infra Red, cracking beers both.

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