Trashy Blonde versus Eurotrash

I was unsure about bothering to post this, but in an effort to get my blog moving again, I’ve decided what the hell… Eurotrash was a limited edition prototype release of Trashy Blonde that had been made with Belgian yeast. BrewDog released it around the same time as Punk X, so I’d had it for a while before getting round to doing a comparison.

They both poured a similar colour, although my Trashy Blonde had a slight haze, while the Eurotrash was crystal clear. Both sported fluffy white heads, that dropped relatively quickly to a ring round the edge of the glass. If I’m being generous, then the Trash Blonde had slightly more head than the Eurotrash.

To be honest, I didn’t really get much on the nose from the Trashy Blonde. There was maybe a hint of sweetness tinged with orange, but nothing much. The Eurotrash on the other hand, had definite Belgian yeast character, although it was quite subtle and you really had to sniff for it.

The Trashy Blonde was nice, lots of juicy malt backed up with a solid bitterness to keep it all nicely in check. The after taste was a combination of juicy sweetness edged with bitterness and is really quite nice.

The Eurotrash felt like it had a bigger body, there was also some Belgian yeast esters going on as well. However, it didn’t feel as bitter and there wasn’t the same lingering bitterness into the after taste.

The Trash Blonde just felt more fresh, juicy and zingy. While the Eurotrash was slightly fuller in the mouth, rounder on the edges and slightly less zingy on the tongue, while having some subtle Belgian yeast characteristics mixed in. I have to say that I preferred the straight Trash Blonde over the Eurotrash though. The freshness and zingy bitterness, coupled with the lovely lingering after taste did it for me.

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