Old Punk IPA versus Punk X versus New Punk IPA

Well over a month ago, I did a three way head to head with the old 6% Punk IPA, Punk X and the new 5.6% Punk IPA. I was going to format it into a long post about the differences, but seeing as you can’t get hold of either the old Punk IPA or Punk X, I didn’t think it was worth it. Especially as I would really need to drink all three again to refresh my memory enough to pad it all out. So these are just the observations I made at the time:

Old Punk IPA
Poured a lovely orangey copper, with a huge white rocky head. Not the biggest of noses, maybe some hints of bitter marmalade, but not much. Big mouth feel, lots of marmalade notes, lots of bitterness and really, really nice.

Punk X
Poured a cloudy dull orange with a large fluffy white head. The nose is huge compared to Old Punk, loads of pungent tropical fruit, think over ripe mangoes. The mouth feel is fine, not as bitter as Old Punk, but bitter enough.

New Punk IPA
Looks pretty much identical to Old Punk, the head maybe didn’t last quite as long though. The nose wasn’t quite as thick and pungent as Punk X, it was subtler, but still miles more than Old Punk. Taste wise it was pretty similar to Punk X, the bitterness seemed to have more impact though, but unsurprisingly no where near the same levels as Old Punk.

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