Monsieur Rock

I’ve been meaning to write about Sharp’s Monsieur Rock for ages, I bought a case and split it with a few friends, so I had four bottles. Every time I’ve opened one, I’ve sat down to try and blog about it and every time I’ve failed. It’s like I’ve been bewitched by its smooth subtle charm and rendered powerless by the beguiling crisp bitterness of the Saaz hops. Instead of the noise of me banging away on my computer keyboard while taking notes, every time I drank this beer, there was just the sound of silence, as I savoured every last drop of every bottle.

Sometimes a beer comes along that requires you to put everything down and allow yourself to be seduced by its charms. A beer that you feel sad once you realise that you’ve just finished it, A beer that you really, really wish you hadn’t split a case of with anyone. For me, this is one of those beers.

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