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I was visiting my brother and his family in Brecon at the weekend. I’d never been to Wales, so was quite looking forward to it. The way things went, we didn’t get a chance to get to The Boars Head, which was mentioned in Pete Brown’s October beer vlog. This left the beer selection at my brothers, which to be honest, was utterly dire, cans of Tennents lager and out of date John Smiths. So I decided to pop into Morrisons in the centre of town to pick up some local beer.

I’ve always thought Morrisons had a decent beer selection, but I was very disappointed with what was on offer. I could have been anywhere in the country, the selection was really generic and there was a serious lack of local beer, with just a few from Brains and three from Neath Ales, which I’ve never seen before. They did have White Shield and 1845, but they are bottle conditioned and I wanted something to drink that evening.

Another bizarre thing about that trip to Morrisons, was that I could hardly get at the beer, there was a big party standing in front of all the bottles trying to decide what to buy. Partly due to this and party due to being in Wales, I just grabbed the three Neath Ales beers and went on my way. I didn’t read the labels or anything and just slung the beers on their side, into the foot well of the car.!/RecentlyDrunk/status/77052081902587905

Imagine my disappointment when I got them out at my brothers, only to find them cloudy. At this point I read the labels and found out that they were all of the Neath Ales beers are bottle conditions and neither filtered or pasteurised. Luckily for me, I’d brought some homebrew with me, so all was not lost, as I really don’t like drinking yeasty beer. I brought the three Neath Ales beers home with me, so look out for reviews coming soon.

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