India Pale Ale Black

I’d been wanting to try this beer since I first heard about it, I have a soft spot for Cascadian Dark Ale, Black IPA, American style Black Ale, or whatever you want to call the style. As The Kernel beers are quite rare in these parts and I just haven’t been to London recently, I’d given up on the notion of trying one. Luckily for me, Mr Bov! was in London more recently than me and picked me up a bottle, for which I’m very, very grateful.

It poured black, as you’d expect given it’s a Black IPA. The head wasn’t quite a tan colour, but neither was it a cream or white colour, it was somewhere in between. The head was good and dropped to about half a finger and stayed constant all the way down. The nose was amazing, full on resinous piney hops. I’ve always been one to poo poo the whole resinous piney hops thing, thinking it’s been more of a citrus skin oil kind of aroma, but now I know what people mean.

The mouth feel was huge, really big and chewy, but not overly malty and with no real roasted notes. There was some residual sweetness however and that lasted through the after taste, but was well balanced by the hops and what hops they were. It wasn’t quite the full on hop assault that I was expecting and if I’m being hyper critical, the aroma wasn’t quite backed up by the bitterness, I’d have liked a tad more crunch, but that’s just me. Having said that, it was bitter and it was well balanced with the sweetness, so that you just wanted to take mouthful after mouthful.

This was one seriously tasty beer and I’d urge you to hunt it out.

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