#IPADay: India Pale Ale Amarillo

I’d like to say that this poured exactly the same as the IPA Simcoe I had earlier, but it didn’t. There wasn’t quite the same amount of head, but the main difference was the colour, it was quite a bit browner, more of a darker amber. The head didn’t last as long either, dropping to a patchy covering fairly quickly.

There wasn’t much on the nose, hints of malt and touches of hop notes round the edges.

There was a lot of up front bitterness, with some serious cheek tingling action. Unlike the IPA Simcoe, it didn’t really stop tingling as there wasn’t the same maltiness in the middle. The bitterness almost seemed to redouble into the after taste and left my mouth watering and wanting more. I could still feel the bitterness minutes after having had a mouthful, it was quite epic.

Another thing I noted about this beer, was the lack of soap. The Mikkeller Single Hop Amarillo IPA tasted like liquid soap and I’ve had the same thing with some homebrews that have used Amarillo. So it was very nice to not feel like I was drinking the contents of a soap dispenser.

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