#IPADay: India Pale Ale Simcoe

Poured a lovely light amber, or deep straw colour if you prefer, with a compact creamy head. It looked pretty much like all the other Kernel IPAs I’ve had, although it was a touch lighter in colour. The nose was fabulous, with piney resinous notes streaming off it. It was really inviting and just screaming of Simcoe hops.

I can probably sum this beer up in two words; dangerously drinkable. It was smooth with a nice bitter prickle that caressed the inside of my cheeks. Then some malty sweetness made itself known, before giving way to a lovely lingering bitter after taste.

I’ve been searching for a beer as good as Mikkeller’s Single Hop Simcoe IPA, this is close, but not quite there. Mikkeller’s is all tropical lychee flavours, almost like drinking punch rather than beer. This doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of tropical fruit madness, but is a really nice, solid beer that you should definitely try.

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