What A Waste…

It’s a very rare occasion that I pour a beer down the sink, normally because it’s off and undrinkable. In fact, it’s so rare, I can’t actually remember the last time I did it. I normally soldier on, drinking through gritted teeth, determined to finish what I paid for even though I don’t like it.

I bought a bottle of The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share from The Bacchanalia in Cambridge, it cost me £17 quid or thereabouts, not cheap. I’ve had it for a while too, saving it, building up the anticipation and waiting for the right moment. When I found out I was getting a refund of £314 for my HP TouchPad, I knew this was an occasion worthy of a beer with such a reputation. After all, with £314 burning a hole in my pocket, I could buy some more if I liked it.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t like it. It poured as flat as a witches tit and the initial taste was more like drinking sherry than beer. I moaned on Twitter, the replies weren’t exactly reassuring. I tried drinking more, forcing it down and wincing at the taste.

When I was a teenager and out on the lash on a Friday or Saturday night, we used to buy a quarter bottle of Bells or Famous Grouse and a 75cl bottle of Irn Bru. Drink a bit of the Bru and the whisky fitted into the space. It was vile, but it got you wrecked, which was the whole point. I drank too much of it though and it’s pretty much put me off whisky for life.

So imaging the horror of opening a bottle of expensive beer and finding it tastes of the cheap blended whisky you used to drink when you were 16/17 years old. I don’t know if it’s just me not getting it, or of the beer is really that bad, but for the first time in a long time, I couldn’t finish my beer and it went down the sink.

The horror, the horror…

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  1. The phrase ’emperor’s new clothes’ sometimes comes to mind. Is it me? Am I missing something? Perhaps I’m just not ready? No, it’s just not very nice. Have kitchen-sinked a few things over the years and it’s never fun.

    (On a related note, I don’t mind ditching a book if I’m not enjoying it, whereas some people will force themselves to finish it, even if it takes months and is no fun at all. Weird.)

    1. I’m struggling to remember a book that I’ve not finished. I generally don’t start them if I don’t think I’ll enjoy it, otherwise I’ll struggle on till the end. So, I suppose you could say I’m normally in the “am I missing something here” category… It certainly felt that way with this beer. I was quite proud of myself that I got over it and poured it away, life’s too short to drink shite beer…

  2. I remember drinking Angel’s Share with a group of friends at a bit of a sampling session, I think I quite liked it. I remember it being a bit of beast and very sweet. I’m a bit bored of big boisterous Barley Wines so have too been sitting on mine for a while.

    I had a similar experience with Mikkeller Black Tie, it was bloody awful and went straight down the plug hole!

    1. I’d heard good things about the Black Tie, Jim at the Bacchanalia was raving about it. I’m putting it down to a rogue bottle and too high a level of expectation. I’ve let my expectations get the better of me before, I should really try and not get so excited about some beers…

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