Hardcore IPA versus I Beat yoU versus I Hardcore yoU

Ever since I first tried I Hardcore yoU, I’ve wanted to try it and the two beers that it’s made from in one sitting. As luck would have it, I had one bottle left of the second batch and when the Bacchanalia got hold of some I Beat yoU the other month, I finally had my chance to do a head to head.

I picked up a bottle of relatively fresh Hardcore IPA from Sainsbury’s, but it tasted maltier and less astringent than I remember. Not that it wasn’t bitter, just not as totally full on as I was expecting. There was also quite a bit if alcohol burn too, maybe I was a bit dehydrated, but it just didn’t seem like the beer I remember it to be.

I’ve had I Beat yoU before, Brasserie 4:20 in Rome had it on draft when I was there last December. The nose was massive, with really powerful and in your face crystal malt and resinous hops notes. It started off relatively subtle in the mouth and then a monstrous wave of malt and bitterness swept all before it. There wasn’t really any alcohol burn like the Hardcore IPA and it had far more bitterness and mouth prickle.

I’ve liked I Hardcore yoU since I first tried it and I’ve always thought it was a better beer than straight Hardcore IPA. It smelt of crystal malt and resinous hops with hints of grapefruit round the edges. Again it started off quite smooth in the mouth and then a massive aggressive prickliness slammed through and left juicy grapefruit lingering long into the aftertaste.

I’m not sure what happened to the Hardcore IPA, I hope it was just a one off. Although it could be the the infamous BrewDog batch to batch variation has finally struck Hardcore IPA, alternatively it might have been due to Sainsbury’s not storing it properly, who knows. On this totally unscientific tasting, I have to say the it feels like I Beat yoU brings more to the party than the Hardcore IPA does. I might try and do this again next year, if they release some more I Hardcore yoU. It would also be fascinating to be able to try all three from keg as the same time too.

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  1. I’ve also recently found the Hardcore IPA to have ‘gone off’ in terms of flavour/mouthfeel – it’s just not the same as it was previously! So annoying – especially when (like Punk a few years ago) it was a beer we’d really come to like and bought quite regularly – now we’re finding recentHardcore IPA from Sainsburys (and some I was sent recently from the brewery) and recent purchases of Tesco DIIPA (Hardcore rebadged) just aren’t the same-tasting/mouthfeeling beer as before – not as nice, not as rich, not as bitter …. so either BrewDog have still got serious consistency issues, or they keep dicking around with the recipes for reasons of cost or something else.

    It’s really disappointing – all I want is the same good beer I’d drunk countless times before when it was ‘right’ – to still be available to spend my beer monies on!

    1. That’s sad to hear that it’s not just me that thinks it’s not as good as it used to be. I really hope that when they open their new brewery, they solve all these consistency issues they appear to have.

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