Great British Beer Hunt: Caesar Augustus and Golden Summer

This is the first of my posts dealing with beers from the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt 2011. Hopefully, there will be a blog every day for the next eight days with my thoughts on two of the beers. First up we have Williams Brothers Lager/IPA Hybrid Caesar Augustus.

It poured a crystal clear golden colour with a large fluffy white head. The head dropped to a covering fairly quickly and eventually to just a ring around the inside of the glass. I didn’t get much on the nose at first, there was a general fresh grassy aroma and what I can only describe as a cerealy type note. Later on, I though I could smell some faint marmalade notes, but I couldn’t be sure.

It was quite light bodied, but not watery in any way. It felt spritzy in the mouth, with what I thought was a faint metallic edge. It also felt like a beer of two halves, initially a lager, which then gave way to what, I would consider, a pale ale. There was some malty sweetness, with just a bit of bitterness to keep it in check.

I know the labels says Lager/IPA Hybrid, so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I thought this was an odd beer. I really wasn’t sure what to make of it, I spent far too much time trying to figure out what was going on, which meant I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy drinking it.

Next up was Wold Top’s Golden Summer, which I was quite looking forward to, as I’d just looked at a review of it over on It poured a crystal clear amber with a tight white head. The head dropped relatively quickly to a patchy covering. I didn’t get much on the nose at all, there seemed to be a faint aroma that reminded me of drying yeast though.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this beer either. It was quite light bodied, but just like the Caeser Augustus, there was no hint of wateryness. An initial fleeting malty sweetness gave way to a bitter prickle that swamped everything. The after taste was really drying and just like the nose, reminded me of that mouth drying you can get from some yeasts. Having read the blurb on the back of the bottle, there is some wheat in the grist of this beer, so all that drying must have come from that. There was also a certain fruitiness from the Goldings, Styrian Goldings and Cascade hops, that appeared and disappeared during the after taste.

I thought thus one was OK, if unspectacular. I’d rather it had had a bit more bitterness from the hops and a little less of the drying after taste.

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  1. I rather enjoyed Golden Summer. I think you are spot on with your description and of course more hops would be welcome but I’d say they are aiming this beer at a mass market who may be scared off by too bitter a beer.

    1. My main issue was with the really drying nature of the wheat, I thought it resulted in just too dry an after taste. That could just be me being susceptible to that kind of thing though, as I also got it from the Caledonian Flying Dutchman. As for the hops, just enough to tickle would have done it for me, but then I think we’ve both experienced a bit of Lupulin Threshold Shift, so what I would consider a tickle…

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