Coalition Old Ale

This beer has been a long time in the making, as it was brewed on the 25th February 2009 and spent twenty months in a conditioning tank and a further four months in bottles. You can read the brewers thoughts on the beer here and here.

It poured a slightly hazy auburn, with a good creamy brown tinged head. There was lots of carbonation, with loads of bubbles streaming up the glass. The head dropped slowly to a covering and stayed until the end.

I didn’t really get anything on the nose to start with, maybe some faint hints of a Fuller’s-esque marmalade type note.

It wasn’t as lively in the mouth as I was expecting, it started off prickly, but then smoothed out. It really reminded me of a Fuller’s beer, as it was all juicy marmalade with some yeasty mouth dryness in the aftertaste. There was also some bitterness, but just enough counter the malts, the bitter prickle never dominated, but wasn’t a supporting actor either.

As it warmed, other flavours appeared, mainly around the edges as a compliment to the main marmalade flavour. A slight alcohol warmth also appeared round the edges too, it wasn’t very much, but it did get more noticeable the warmer the beer got.

I really liked this beer and not because reminded me of some Fuller’s beers that I like, but because I really like beers that taste of marmalade. I didn’t think it was perfect, I can’t put my finger on it, but I thought it was missing some sort of spark that was raise it to another level. I should really buy another couple of bottles from the Bacchanalia though, as when they’re all gone, they’re all gone…

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