Great British Beer Hunt: Frederic’s Great British Alcoholic Ginger Beer and Worcester Sorcerer

Alcoholic ginger beer has been really big over the last year or so, I’ve reviewed a couple, so it was no great surprise to see one the shelves as part of Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt 2011.

Robinson’s Frederic’s Great British Alcoholic Ginger Beer poured a surprisingly deep brown, practically every other alcoholic ginger beer that I’ve had, has been much lighter in colour. I did manage to coax a decent head during the pour, but it didn’t last and dropped to a thin line round the edge of the glass. There was surprisingly little ginger on the nose, it was there, but quite subtle.

This has to be the oddest alcoholic ginger beer I’ve had, it didn’t seem to know if it was a beer with added ginger or a ginger beer. There was a solid malty backbone and a not particularly fiery ginger aftertaste, but it was all a bit disjointed.

It was initially malty, but then it switched to being gingery, with out any real integration between the two, it was like the two main flavours hadn’t been melded together in any way. If they had integrated the malt and ginger flavours together, so it was both at the same time, rather than one, then the other, it might have worked a bit better.

There was more going on too, after the initial maltiness, there was a sprightliness just before the ginger cut in, that carried a weird odd taste that I couldn’t quite identify. This flavour got much, much worse when it got warm to the point of swamping most of the ginger, and if I’d had more than a couple of mouthfuls left, I’m not sure I’d have been able to finish it.

  • RateBeer Robinson’s
  • Frederic’s Great British Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 3.8%, 500ml

Sadler’s Worcester Sorcerer poured a lovely amber colour with a very loose cream coloured head. The head dropped to a blotchy covering fairly quickly and lasted most of the way down the glass. I didn’t get much on the nose, there was something subtle going on, but I just couldn’t place it. If I was being generous, then there may have been a hint of grass, but not the same grassiness that you’d get with a Jever or Budvar, for instance.

It’s not often I read the back of a bottle and agree with the tasting notes, but the ones on the back of this bottle were spot on. It wasn’t quite smooth in the mouth, there was what felt like a bit of soft loose carbonation rolling over the tongue. When that had dissipated, it was all warm juicy toffee apple malts and a lingering slightly bitter sweet aftertaste.

I quite enjoyed it, even though I’m not the biggest fan of malt led bitters. I did find the initial soft carbonation distracting though and I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if that hadn’t have been there.

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