How Bad Can It Be…? Kaiserdom Pilsener and Dark Lager Beer

Time for another installment of How Bad Can It Be? This time, it’s two beers that I picked up from a local Tesco, Kaiserdom Pilsener and Kaiserdom Dark Lager Beer. They looked like relatively cheap Euro lagers, so I thought I’d give them ago and see what they were like.

As it turns out, the brewery is from Gaustadt, which is now part of Bamberg, in the Bavaria region of Germany and can trace its history back to 1718. It also appears that the brewery isn’t part of some multi-national behemoth, which is quite cool, but has been run by various generations of the Wörner family for over a century.

I decided to try the Pilsener first, it poured a crystal clear insipid yellow, with a fluffy white head. The head dropped to a patchy covering fairly quickly. It smelt fresh with some subtle grassy notes.

It had a fairly light mouth feel, without too much malt character. The main flavour reminded me of the cereal notes that you get in industrial lager, luckily this didn’t last long. A bitterness eventually cut through and lingered long into the after taste. It wasn’t really bitter though, it was just enough to cut through the initial flavours. By the time I got to the end of the bottle, it had all gone a but watery and flabby. The cereal notes were more prevalent and it it wasn’t hanging together very well.

The Dark Lager Beer poured a really dark, dark brown, so that it appeared almost black. A large tan head was easily formed and just like the Pilsener, dropped to a patchy covering fairly quickly. It smelt dark, with very vague roasted notes and an almost yeasty edge

It was very smooth in the mouth, with subtle roasted flavours, all washed down with a slightly drying yeasty finish. There wasn’t any noticeable bitterness, in either the fore or after tastes. Again, it got a bit a bit watery after a while, although not quite to the same extent as the Pilsener.

While the Pilsener wasn’t bad, it’s not a patch on something like Pyraser Hopfenpflücker Pils, or even a Budvar. The Dark Lager Beer was the better of the two, not as insipid as the Pilsener, but still miles away from being as good as something like Bernard Černé Pivo 13°. Would I buy either again though? Certainly not the Pilsener and probably not the Dark Lager Beer either, unless there wasn’t anything else…

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  1. I’m not a pils drinker due to their dryness but recently tried the Kaiserdom which I really enjoyed, being a real fan I thought it very smooth with an enjoyable roast malt aftertaste which I look for in good very dark beer. I’d forgot where I’d purchased it from and thank you for reminding me it was Tesco, off now the buy more, cheers!

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