How Bad Can It Be…? Mongoose Premium Beer

There’s no need to guess what market this beer is targeted at, as the size of bottle and label totally gives it away. The mongoose on the label has a snake in it’s mouth, in what must be a rather unsubtle reference to the almost ubiquitous Curry house beer, Cobra. The bottle also bears a striking similarity to the large Cobra bottles as well, so I think it’s safe to say this beer is targeted at the curry eater. As I’ve never been the biggest fan of Cobra, I find it too malty and too filling and Kingfisher has always been far to insipid, I was looking forward to seeing if this would be a better beer for me to eat curry with.

It poured a pale golden colour, not insipid like Kingfisher by any means, but maybe not quite as golden and solid as Cobra. A compact tight white head was easily formed and dropped relatively quickly. The nose didn’t contain much, it was fresh, with maybe hints of lemon.

It had a pleasant mouth feel, I’d go as far as to say it was light and spritzy. While there may have been a touch of wateriness to the after taste, it wasn’t anything that detracted. It had quite a bit of bitterness, which was pleasing, it lingered in the after taste for quite some time. The after taste also contained a cereal flavour too, which, while a tad disappointing, wasn’t overbearing and didn’t last long.

I thought it was surprisingly nice and I’d rather drink one of these than a Cobra any day of the week.

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  1. Is this the one that is supposedly based on the old recipe for Cobra? (W&Y used to brew it, I think, in fact.) Very cheeky bit of branding anyway!

  2. Drinking a bottle of this now is a nice drinkable beer i prefer the stronger taste of cobra mind

  3. I’m drinking my first pint of this in a curry house now. Mine has rotten eggs on the nose….any similar experiences or should I be concerned? The pint itself is definitely an improvement on Kingfisher and I’ve never liked Cobra for aforementioned reasons.

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