How Bad Can It Be…? Krombacher Pils and Dark

The bottle of Krombacher Pils states that it’s the No. 1 premium beer in Germany, so is it the German version of Carling…?

Tesco also had Krombacher Dark for sale, so in similar fashion to the Kaiserdom beers I reviewed the other week, lets find out how bad, or not, they both are.

The Pils a crystal clear golden straw colour, it was a much deeper colour than I was expecting. The head started out as a huge rocky white tower that almost cascaded over the edge of the glass, but it dropped fairly fast though and ended up as a patchy covering. It smelt sort of as I expected, with fresh grassy notes, under that though, there was a sweet maltiness.

It was quite full in the mouth, with lots of sweetness. There was a bitter prickle that cut in about a third of the way through and rode the sweetness into the after taste. However, the bitterness wasn’t enough to counteract the sweetness and it left a nasty cereal tinged flavour lingering. As I got further down the glass, the lingering flavour changed and had a distinct ash tray quality about it.

If I’m being honest, I thought this beer was pretty horrific, it was just far too sweet for my tastes. After a long hot day in the sun with the kids, I needed a nice cold and refreshing pils, this totally missed the mark…

The Dark poured an almost black, but when held up to a light revealed itself as a really dark brown, with reddish tints. A large tan head was easily formed and while it nearly spilled out of the glass like the Pils, it dropped to a ring round the inside of the glass pretty quickly. There wasn’t a lot on the nose to start with, after it had been sitting for a while though, some roasted, malty notes revealed themselves.

The body was relatively full, but it felt a touch watery. It was like it started out full bodied, but then got thinner as it sat in the mouth, which felt a bit odd. The main flavours were malty, roasted notes, but while they weren’t overly subtle, they weren’t exactly in your face either. There also appeared to be a prickle that appeared and rode into the aftertaste, but it wasn’t much.

I didn’t think this was as bad as the Pils, but I was disappointed none the less, as it was just a bit meh.

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  1. There is nothing to compare between Krombacher and Carling. Krombacher has a fantastic taste and in my opinion (I am Polish) it is the best beer I have ever tried. Carling? Sorry, no comments. Most Polish, Czech, Belgium or German beers is good as well. Some Germans are best as Germany as well as all those countries listed has a long tradition in making a real beer, not something like Carling is. Sorry, but sad true is that most majority of English beers don’t taste at all.

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