Chalky’s Bite

I was in the Bacchanalia a few weeks back and noticed a box of dusty bottles sitting next to the counter. I went digging and came up with a few Sharp’s bottles of stuff that I’ve heard about, but never seen. Ed, being the generous chap he his, said I could have a few, so look out for some more reviews of Sharp’s beer in the future. First up though, we have Chalky’s Bite, a beer that is naturally flavoured with wild fennel.

It poured an, almost, crystal clear light amber. I say almost, as a tiny touch of sediment got in the glass during the pour. A very off white, almost tan coloured, head was easily formed, but it was very loose a dropped very quickly to pretty much nothing. I didn’t get much from the nose and not for want of trying. I’m sure there was some malt character and maybe a touch of the fennel, but it was all so faint, I couldn’t really be sure.

Taste wise it was a revelation, with a nice full body and a relatively smooth mouth feel. There was a bit of effervescence about it, but it was soft, rather than harsh. It was all underpinned by a subtle fruity, juiciness and had a nice bitter prickle leading into the after taste. The after taste lingered and lingered and seemed to change flavour as it went, initially fruity with some yeasty hints, finally ending up with what I can only assume was flavours from the fennel.

I really enjoyed this beer, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I just wish it had come in a larger bottle as I was really disappointed when it was all gone…

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  1. I’ve hesitated to buy this beer before, not fancying the idea of a beer that could taste like absinthe, but I think I’ll give it a go next time I see it, based on your review plus the fact that Sharps Special is one of my favourite beers

  2. There reallywasn’t that much fennel character tone honest, button I don’t know how long it had been sitting gathering dust in th Bacchanalia. I’ve not had many Sharon’s beers, mainly due to a preconceived notion they they’re average, middle of the road efforts. Blame a tired pint of Doom Bar in Venice for that. However, thus and Monsieur Rock have firmly changed that point of view…

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