Imperial Märzen and India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin Citra

This Imperial Märzen was another beer that I’ve had hanging around from my July order with Out of all the beers I got in that box, this is the one I’ve been looking forward to the least. I’m not the biggest fan of German beers at the best of times, so I really wasn’t looking forward to an amped up version.

It poured an almost crystal clear coppery burnished amber colour. It would have been crystal clear, apart from a little bit of sediment that found its way into the glass. The tan coloured head was easily formed, but dropped to a patchy coveting very quickly. The nose was all super sweet sticky malt that reminded me of oranges, for some reason.

In the mouth it was huge, with sickly sweet notes working their way into every crevice of my mouth. There was the impression of alcohol burn at the front of the mouth, rather than any actual alcohol burn, although the front of my mouth was tingling for a bit after each mouthful. The after taste was all sickly orangey sweetness, that eventually tapered off and left the whole mouth drying out. I’m sure there must have been some hops added to this beer, but whatever flavour they added, was crushed under a tonne of malt.

I don’t really like Bock’s and I really don’t like Doppelbock’s, now I can add Imperial Märzen’s to my list of don’t ever buy again beers. I’m not saying it was a bad beer, I’m just saying that it’s not my kind of beer and while I didn’t like it, your milage may vary.

I decided to have the India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin Citra after the Imperial Märzen, as I had an inkling that I’d be in desperate need of some hops. Although I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive, as I knew that this combination of hops would likely result in a beer that would be loaded with rotting mango and cat wee.

It poured a very slightly hazy orange amber, the haze being due to a bit of sediment getting into the glass. The vast, vast majority of the sediment stayed welded to the bottom of the glass though. A huge rocky off white head was easily formed, but dropped to a blotchy covering fairly quickly. The nose was as expected, with full on thick, pungent rotting tropical fruit notes and the odd wiff of cats piss.

It was full in the mouth and surprisingly smooth, probably because it ended up sitting for an hour and a half after pouring, before I got a chance to drink any. It didn’t appear to be terribly bitter, although there was a lovely bitter spike and prickle before the lasting bitter after taste. The tropical fruit flavours weren’t quite as in yer face as I was expecting, while there was quite a bit of the rotten mango and cats piss, I didn’t find it too off putting for a change. The after taste was all lingering juicy tropical flavours, with a touch of sweetness.

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  • India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin Citra, 7.1%, 330ml

I’d not rush to buy it again, it has to be said, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d been fearing. Maybe letting it sit for an hour or so is the way forward, allowing the rotting mango and cats piss to evaporate off…

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  1. I think you may have left the Marzen too long before trying it. When I had it, it was quite smooth and well balanced, and didn’t have any of the faults you describe.

    1. You’re probably right, it was getting on a bit when I bought it after all, so leaving it to languish for a few more months probably didn’t do it much good. Still, having had it, I’m not sure I’d buy a fresh one if they ever made it again…

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