Breakfast Stout and India Pale Ale Double Black

Breakfast Stout poured an impenetrable black in the glass, with a small tan coloured head. The head took a bit of pouring to create and for a while, it looked like there would be no head at all. The small head that I did manage to coax, didn’t last long and dropped to a thing ring round the inside of the glass. In reality the beer is just a really, really dark brown, which you can only see at the edges when held up to a light. To me, the nose was all coffee, however, my wife thought there was some sweet vanilla notes in there to.

Unsurprisingly it was utterly huge in the mouth, with massive flavours running amok and coating every crevice. Initially smooth and sweet, it then had a mouth puckering moment, before running off into a bitter, roasted, warming alcoholic sweetness. The after taste lasted for what seemed an absolute age, with thick, oily, sweet flavours lingering and lingering. In fact I could still taste it after five minutes of not having any.

If I’m going to be picky, I’d say that I’d have preferred a bit more roasted coffee flavours and a little less sweetness, but that’s just me. A phenomenal beer.

Finally we get to the last beer of my Kernel week and what a beer it is. It poured a jet black in the glass, with a cracking, easily formed tan head. The head dropped relatively quickly to a patchy covering and eventually to a ring round the inside of the glass. The nose was awesome, with subtle roasted notes being pummelled by a full on thick pungent hop assault.

It was big in the mouth, with subtle roasted flavours and lots of alcohol. The bitterness was huge, with a massive full mouth prickle leading to a long lingering, prickly, warming after taste.

  • RateBeer The Kernel
  • India Pale Ale Double Black, 9.8%, 330ml

I’d have written more, but to be honest, I was too busy enjoying it. I think that with some beers, you just need to point people in the right direction and let them discover how awesome a beer is for themselves. This is one of those beers and the first thing you should do after reading this, is to go and hunt it down and buy a bottle. Hunt it down and buy it. Buy lots of it. Buy all you can afford. This is whithout doubt the best beer I’ve had for a while and I’ve had some awesome beer lately.

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