The Session #58 – A Christmas Carol

The SessionThis months Session is being hosted by Phil Hardy at Beersay and the topic is A Christmas Carol. This should have been posted on Friday, but I was travelling to Paris. I could have auto posted it, but that would have involved actually writing it before the day it was due, which is not my style… The extra few days have given me time to think though and ponder on what the three ghosts that visited Ebenezer Scrooge would make of my past, present and future Christmas day beer drinking.

I can’t really remember what I used to drink on Christmas day before I was a beer geek. I suppose it was whatever my Dad bought from the local supermarket. That would probably be bottles of Duchars IPA, Cally 80/- or ale from other Scottish breweries. It wasn’t about the beer back then though, so it didn’t matter as long as it was wet, brown, alcoholic and not from a can.

Things changed a couple of years ago though, as I’d been introduced to Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel earlier in the year and I was so going to have a bottle of that on Christmas morning while opening the presents. This was a mistake, we drove up on the evening of the 23rd and the bottle got shaken up on the 7 hour drive. A single day wasn’t enough for it to settle, so I had a pint glass full of yeast lumps, which rather destroyed my enjoyment of it.

I have another bottle of Beer Geek Brunch Weasel in my cupboard, which I’d been saving for this Christmas day, along with a bottle of Amager Hr. Frederiksen and the collab brew between Mikkeller and Amager, Hr. Frederiksen Væsel Brunch. I was going to take notes and blog about them, but I’ve decided not to. As I alluded to in my last Session post, beer has become a bit of a dark obsession for me, I was going to do a further blog post on that, but I’ve not got round to it yet. So I’ve decided that spending bits of Christmas day ruminating and jotting down notes on beer isn’t the way forward. Christmas isn’t about beer, it’s about spending some quality time with those you love. Beer blogging can wait.

So this year, I’ve decided that I want something light and easy going, something that I can drink all day. Something that I don’t have to think about, something that I can just enjoy, while enjoying spending time with my family. So I’m going to pop into the Bacchanalia and buy a bucket load of Collective São Gabriel Brewers & Union Unfiltered Lager and Pyraser Hopfenpflücker Pils and I will enjoy myself.

But what about future Christmases? I have dreams of being a brewer, which is why I homebrew I suppose. Once our extension is finished and my brew shed is back in it’s correct place, I’ll be trying to brew once a month. Who’s to say that I wouldn’t brew a Christmas special, wither it be a pale and hoppy, an imperial stout or an imperial gooseberry and elderflower hefe. I might, or I might not, but what ever I do, it wont be to the detriment of my family. I wont be taking notes, blogging or generally being a beer geek, I have another 364 days of the year for that.

I suppose you could say that I don’t need a visit from Ebenezer’s ghosts, I’ve already know what my demons are and they are not going to ruin another Christmas.

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  1. Nice words Bob, it’s strange but there are a few similar posts about with sentiments like yours, not just on The Session but out and about too. I have to say it’s the same for me too as I’ve decided to always have a good supply of “normal” beer at home. We’re similar in that I fancy brewing properly myself but can’t for space although I’m pretty sure you do brew already. Anyway, thanks for posting, Cheers

  2. Hi Bob

    Here’s a link to last months round up of Decembers which I hosted over in my blog Beersay. Thanks again for posting.

    Session #58 A Christmas Carol – Final round up

    It would be great if you could add me to your blogroll if I’m not already there.


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