Advent Beer – Second Quarter

As I was in Paris over the weekend, I have a back log of Advent Beer to get through. So this bottle of Cambridge Moonshine Second Quarter is actually Friday’s bottle. I bought it from the Bacchanalia, where Ed was telling me that it’s the second runnings from an imperial stout that he’s brewed, hence the second in the name.

It didn’t have much of a phzzzt when the crown cap came off, which left me a bit worried. But it poured jet black in the glass, with a decent enough tan head. In reality the body was a really, really dark brown, that only revealed itself when held up to the light. The head didn’t last, it dropped to a thin covering fairly quickly.

At this point, I should start going on about the smell and the taste and I would if I could access me notes. I’ve started using a voice recorder app on my phone, as it’s quicker for me to speak my thoughts than to write them down. For some reason, it’s not letting me access the recording for this beer, it claims it’s there, but just wont play anything, quite annoying. So the following is very brief…

I’m pretty sure it had lots of roasted notes on the nose, with coffee and chocolate in the mix. It had a nice weighty body, with roasted malt flavours, coffee and chocolate. The coffee coming first and then the drying dark chocolate flavours in the after taste. The condition was also spot on.

I do know that I thought it was a fantastic beer though. It’s definitely one I’ll be buying more of.

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