Advent Beer – Single Brew Reserve 2009

Last night along with the Cambridge Moonshine Second Quarter, I had Saturdays Advent Beer too. I didn’t pick it at random, as I didn’t want to end up with a big bottle of De Molen or one of the Hardknott’s. I want to enjoy these beers, not get rat arsed on a school night… This is another one of those beers that was sitting all dusty and unloved in a box at the Bacchanalia and which Ed was very generous in giving to me for nowt.

It poured a crystal clear burnished coppery brown, with a decent head. The head didn’t last though and dropped to a patch covering fairly quickly. There didn’t appear to me much sediment at the bottom of the bottle after the pour, obviously, you mileage may vary if you manage to find a bottle of this. I didn’t think there was much on the nose to be honest, vague hints of a marmalade type note maybe, but nothing much else.

It felt quite lively and effervescent in the mouth, at least to start with, as it calmed down a bit by the time I got to the end of the glass. If I’m being brutal, which I am, I found it a touch thin and a bit one dimensional. Now don’t get me wrong here, it was perfectly balanced and an absolute joy to drink, with juicy subtle flavours that were reminiscent of marmalade. While there may have been a brief hint of stewed plums at the start, it just tasted the same the whole way through the mouth and down the glass, there just weren’t any other intertwining flavours.

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  • Single Brew Reserve 2009, 4.3%, 500ml

It pretty much set out it stall at the start and that’s all there was, which I thought was a shame, as good as it was and it was good, I think it would have been spectacular if it had revealed a bit more…

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    1. I know it seems like I didn’t enjoy it, but I did. It was really nice, but if you compare it with something like the Cambridge Moonshine Second Quarter, it had roasted malt notes that segue into coffee and then chocolate, then it was one dimensional. A bit like a high IBU hop bomb that’s just hops, this was just balance. Great in its own way, but I just wanted a bit more…

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