Advent Beer – Spiritual Matter

There wasn’t a sound as I opened this bottle, not even a hint of a phzzzt. Nothing, nada, nowt. Not a good start. It poured a slightly murky straw colour, with absolutely no head what so ever. The only bubbles I managed to coax out of it were the kind that you get when pouring water from a great height into a glass. There was a distinct grapefruit note on the nose, with a bit of tangerine around the edges.

It smelt really nice and I was hoping that even though it poured as flat as a pancake, it would still be drinkable. Unfortunately it wasn’t. The grapefruit and mandarin notes from the nose were there in the mouth, but so was a nasty off taste. It wasn’t there to start with, as the initial flavour was the afore mentioned grapefruit and mandarin. But it soon battered everything else into submission and lingered long into the after taste.

I’ll buy another bottle though, as I imagine this could be a really, really nice pale and hoppy beer, if it was carbonated. My first Advent Beer drain pour…

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  1. Just had one, exactly the same experience. The “Effervescence & Spiritual Matter” variation was one of my favourites at the winter ale festival, so I guess Bacchanalia got a bad batch or something.

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