Advent Beer – Old World Russian Imperial Stout

According to the BrewDog website, this beer is just Rip Tide in 660ml bottles, that was made exclusively for a US chain. However, it’s got a slightly different ABV to Rip Tide and from what I can remember tastes far, far better than Rip Tide ever did. I think they’re only selling a small amount through their online shop, so if you want some, you’d better hurry, as I doubt it’ll last that long. It was a last minute decision to add it to the Advent Beer list, mainly as I didn’t get my hands on it until a couple of days before December.

It poured jet black in the glass, but in reality it was a really, really, really, really dark, near impenetrable brown. A tan coloured head was easily formed, but didn’t last long, dropping to a covering and then a ring round the glass. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think I was expecting a beer with slightly more legs, just a bit thicker and more unctuous, it didn’t stick to the side of the glass as much as I was expecting.

The nose was all coffee, thick sweet malty coffee, with chocolate round the edges. At least that what I initially thought. By the time I got to the bottom of the bottle, the nose was all treacle, thick, sweet, pungent treacle.

Unsurprisingly, it was full in the mouth. It also had quite a bit of carbonation initially, almost too much, as it did get a bit bubbly in the mouth. The bubbliness did decrease the longer it sat in the glass though, but for a beer that isn’t bottle conditioned (at least I could see or taste any sediment), it was bordering on too fizzy. Flavour wise it was quite intense, with lots of treacle, molasses and hints of coffee and chocolate and a lingering sweet treacle after taste. There might also have been a touch of smoke, right at the back, just fleeting; although I may have been imagining it.

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  • Old World Russian Imperial Stout, 8.2%, 660ml

It was nice, really nice, I liked all the treacle and molasses. I suppose you could say that it was a touch sweet, but personally, I think that might be classed as nit picking. I’m glad I have another bottle, I just hope it’s slightly less bubbly.

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