Advent Beer – Manchester Tripel

In a desperate attempt to catch up with the Advent Beer backlog, I went a bit mental on Sunday night and opened two big bottles. It was going to happen at some point, as I drank too many of the smaller bottles at the start, so it’s my own fault really. Marble’s Manchester Tripel is one of their special one off big bottle releases and is their take on a Belgian Tripel, evidently they also produced Manchester Dubbel, which would have been nice to try at the same time.

It poured a strong straw, or a lightish amber colour if you prefer, just like a classic Tripel in fact. A compact white head was easily formed and lasted for quite a while. It did eventually drop to a covering, but it stayed all the way down the glass.

The nose was immense, but it didn’t strike me a being that of a classical Tripel. My fist thought was that this beer has been shown a few hops, as it just had such a powerful aroma. There was also that Belgian Tripel thing going on round the edges too, with an obvious alcoholic, estery, warmth trying to come out from round the orangey hop notes. There might have also been a touch of yeasty dryness in there, just to make it even more complex.

It was massive in the mouth, with lots of warmth and loads of Belgian ester notes, especially in the after taste. I did get a bit of yeast in the pour, but it didn’t detract, it just added a little dryness to the mix. It was quite sweet, I kept thinking of golden syrup and caramelised bananas for some reason, not sure where those associations came from. Then there was a nice bitterness, which unfortunately didn’t last, as it was swept aside in a wave of alcohol that warmed the throat and lingered for an age.

I haven’t enjoyed a Tripel this much in ages, I normally avoid the style in favour of something hoppier and less estery. So yet more kudos to Marble for yet another stellar beer…

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  1. Good to hear you enjoyed the beer; its a toss up between this and our Special 2011 “Saison ” (brewed with Mark Tranter of Darkstar) as my favourite big bottle we produced this year. That said both the Old Manchester and our Vuur & Vlam run very close seconds.

    1. I didn’t manage to get any of this years Vuur & Vlam, which was a pitty. But I did managed to get a bottle of the Saison this week, I’m saving it for when I’ve finally got rid if this cold. Looking forward to it!

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