Advent Beer – Local 1

I was quite excited when I heard that Brooklyn Local 1 and 2 were being imported into the country. I pestered Ed at the Bacchanalia to get some in and the proceeded not to buy any for months. I decided that I would use the excuse of Advent Beer to finally buy the pair and drink them, I’m not sure what was putting me off to be honest.

I’d love to tell you what it tasted like, what the colour was, how long the head lasted, all the usual stuff I write about, but I can’t. I’d only just unwound the cage, when the cork flew out of the bottle and nearly took my face off. I managed to grab a jug form a nearby cupboard and decant the rather lively beer into it and my glass. But the over carbonation had caused all the sediment to fly off the bottom of the bottle, so the resulting beer was a touch on the opaque side.

Unfortunately, this also had the side effect of making all the beer taste just like yeast. There was occasional, fleeting glimpses of the actual beer and you could tell it was going to be superb, but everything was just stomped on by the yeast. So I can at least tell you one thing; leave the sediment out of Local 1, especially if you want to actually taste the beer.

Maybe it’s the penance for not buying some sooner, alternatively it might just have been a duff bottle. Either way, I’m going to have to buy another one, best not leave it for six odd months this time…

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