Advent Beer – Local 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve had this beer before. It was earlier this year and it was split three ways at about 02:00 in a mates kitchen after the Cambridge CAMRA Octoberfest beer festival. So you’ll forgive me for not really paying much attention and having no recollection of what it tasted like.

Unlike the previous Brooklyn Advent Beer, Local 1, this one didn’t blow the cork out of the bottle, which was a bit of a relief, although it did try its best. I managed to force the cork back in until I got a jug ready, but it still took two jugs and my glass to get it all in, as it was foaming all over the place. I didn’t get much on the nose, but to be honest I was suffering with the onset of a nasty cold, so probably wouldn’t have been able to smell raw garlic if it had been thrust under it.

It didn’t feel overly carbonated for a beer that almost spat its cork out, which was surprising, but I did pour from a bit of a height to try and knock out any extra condition. If anything it felt a bit on the watery side in the mouth, it certainly didn’t feel like a nine percent beer. Which was surprising given that it has honey in it, I was expecting something with a much fuller body. I’m not saying it wasn’t full bodied, just not as much as I was expecting.

Maybe it was the fruity citrus flavours that were giving it the illusion of being a bit thin. I home brewed a Belgian Wit, which had a load of citrus peel added after the boil and it reminded me of that. You could also detect the honey, it gives off such a distinctive edge, but I’m not able to describe it. If you’ve ever had Thornbridge Bracia, you’ll know what I’m on about, imagine that, but toned down quite a bit.

It was a complex beer, especially the lingering after taste and while it wasn’t what I was expecting, I think I’d buy another.

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