The Session #63 – The Beer Moment

The SessionThis months Session is being hosted by Pete Brown "The Beer Drinker’s Bill Bryson" and the topic is The Beer Moment.

While I’ve had plenty of beer moments, I have a memory like a sieve, so would be hard pressed to remember many. Mostly beer moments are fleeting, it’s all about the time and the place, the people you’re with and obviously the beer. They come, they go, I appreciate them when they happen, but I don’t dwell on them.

Since it’s all about the time and the place, can you plan a beer moment and have it all sketched out in advance? Or are they ephemeral and of the moment, unable to be planned?

I hope they are a bit of both, while the unplanned ones are a joy when they materialise, I have a beer moment that I want to happen, that I’m clinging to for dear life. We’re having a load of building work done on the house, it feels like it’s been happening forever, as it took eighteen months to get it through planning and they broke ground last October, on what was supposed to be a four month build.

All the upheaval, the noise, the dust, the ruined garden, the triple glazed argon filled composite windows, the under floor heating, the (not quite as fancy as we really wanted) kitchen, the stress, the financial burden of trying to get what we want, not just what we can afford. It’s all taking its toll, but the light at the end of my tunnel is a beer moment.

The moment when my wife and I sit in the new extension on a balmy summers evening, with the double doors wide open, looking out over the ruined garden to the paddocks beyond and share a beer. At this point I don’t care what beer, although a Pyraser Hopfenpflücker Pils would certainly hit the spot, it’s just about sitting there and forgetting all the stress and worry and just appreciating what our hard work has enabled us to build for our future.

The thought of this beer moment is keeping me going every time I get home to the dust and grit that has invaded every nook and cranny in the house. Every time a new problem arises and a delay occurs, every time a new quote comes in that makes me wince, I think of the beer moment that awaits at the end of it. I don’t know how far away this beer moment is, a couple of weeks, a month or two, at who knows? But when I it does arrive, I hope it’s as good as the one that’s in my head.

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  1. Hey Bob, I’ve been there and had the same end goal, and with a beery moment promised at the end of it. We finished early last year and I can confirm that it is all worth the effort and mess and general annoyance 🙂

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