The Quandary

When I was last in London, I visited The Craft Beer Company on Leather Lane and got a bit depressed in the process. A couple of days later I got confirmation of tickets to go to a recording of The Infinite Monkey Cage, so a plan was hatched. Rather than a fleeting visit to Craft, what if I went and spent the whole afternoon there. Would I still feel depressed that I couldn’t try all the beers I wanted, or would I get bored sitting in the same place all afternoon, I thought there was only one way to find out.

In the couple of weeks since, all I’ve thought about is where else I could go, what else I could fit in. Should I pop out to Tap East and try their new Coffee in the Morning stout. Should I visit The Southampton Arms again and go to BrewDog Camden for the first time. Should I get off at London Bridge and pop into Utobeer. Should I go here, should I go there, should I just stick to my original plan…?

The comments on that last blog post got me thinking, what is my ideal pub? I’m not quite sure yet, but I think I may have an inkling, but I’d need to find a pub that fits the bill and try it out.

As amazing as The Craft Beer Co is, I’m not sure I could ever say it’s a pub that could fit that bill, at least for me, I think I’d rather spend the afternoon in its sister pub Cask, Pub & Kitchen in Pimlico. I’ve been trying to work out why; is it the atmosphere, the layout, the fact that I feel less intimidated by the number of beers on offer? I’m not sure, but I think it’s closer to my ideal pub than Craft, but there’s only really one way to find out.

It’s not like I can spend an afternoon in each though, I’m not in London often enough, the Olympics will probably be the next time I’m there and I’ll have the family with me. So my quandary is this; do I spend the afternoon in Craft, Cask or trawling various places I’ve never been to or have only fleeting visited in the past? Do I give in to my continual desire to not miss out, or do I try and get comfortable in one place and watch the day drift by?

I’m desperately trying to talk myself out of trawling around London, I’d quite like a relaxing afternoon. But I really can’t decide between Cask and Craft and I’m not sure I’ll be able to until I get off the train at Kings Cross. I’m leaning towards Cask, only because I think it’s more like my ideal pub, but what if I’m missing out on something that Craft have on that Cask don’t, etc, etc…

The thought of missing out on something is what drives a lot of my obsessive behaviour and is probably the subject of a blog post all on its own. For now, all I can do is accept that I have a quandary and try and put it out of my mind.

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  1. I know your dilemma well, especially the ‘what if I’m missing out on …’ conundrum. Living close to London doesn’t help either. Best thing to do I’ve found is to take a friend, colleague, or even my wife, with me, someone who hasn’t been to one of the places before, and try to take in at least 3 different venues, furthest away first and work my way back. That way I get to see familiar places through new eyes, and I’m guaranteed to find something I’ve not had before while being able to impart a little knowledge if they want to try something I have. Actually I think this is called a pub crawl. Damn, thought it was a new idea!

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