I didn’t go to the Beer Bloggers Conference last month in Leeds, it’s not really my thing. Plus, I’m not feeling very flush at the moment due to being in the final stages of building an extension on the house, so I couldn’t afford it anyway, even with the Molson Coors Scholarship. I did try and follow what was happening via twitter and the various blogs I follow though and I have to admit to a few pangs of jealousy over the weekend.

A few of those pangs were down to the beer that was there, I would have loved to have tried the Williams Brothers Double Joker IPA and had some more Profanity Stout. Equally, the though of trying Pilsner Urquell from wooden casks is enough to get my mouth salivating, I imaging it was amazing and way better than the bottled stuff we normally have to make do with.

The other pang was due to one of the sessions, namely the Comparative Beer and Glass Tasting with Spiegelau. I’ve always had an urge to use the correct glass when having a beer, I have quite a collection, I’ve even paid for some of them. Most of them are currently wrapped in paper and in a box in the loft though, my wife doesn’t share my fetish for glass and we don’t really have room for one of each style and brand in the kitchen cupboards.

I do have a selection to hand though, a proper wheat beer glass, a Duvel tulip, a couple of genuine Italian Teku glasses from Open Baladin, some oversized conical pint and half pint glasses and a heavy duty Rogue Ales conical. I’m not overly precious about them either, they all go in the dishwasher, except for the Rogue Ales one, which I religiously hand wash.

I find that this assortment of glasses covers most styles of beer, although I do sometimes hanker for a proper pilsner glass and wish I hadn’t broken my oversized Moor pint glass. I just happened to be in Kitchen and Things in Newmarket on Saturday and they had some dimpled mugs, which I’ve always liked, so on the spur of the moment, I bought one. I don’t particularly care if it’s reto or hip to drink out of one, I really like them and the two bottles of Jaipur I had out of it on Saturday night tasted fantastic.

I agree with Tandleman that the right glass can make a difference, especially with certain styles of beer. Although I do think that you can still enjoy a Trappist ale out of a conical half pint given the right circumstances. After all, the way a beer tastes is influenced by more than just the glass, it’s also about the time and place amongst other things, yes all that beer moment stuff.

I certainly intend to use my dimpled mug as much as I can, I just love the way it looks and if I’m happy, them I’m more inclined to enjoy my beer. I do have plans to overhaul all the beer glassware when all our building work is finished, it would be nice to have a few sets of the Spiegelau glasses or something similar, so I can serve beer up to friends etc in matching glasses. I suppose I should really get an Orval goblet as well, after all, the best beer in the world should really be drunk from its own branded glassware…

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  1. Sorry we missed you last month – it was an incredible time! The Spiegelau session completely knocked everyone’s socks off. It’s fascinating how big of a difference it makes in the sensory experience, isn’t it?

  2. Hello!

    my name is Luca and I am from Hamburg. These days I am creating a flyer for the annual brewing contest of my university’s brewing community “Campusperle”. I found your picture of the teku beer glass perfectly fitting as a background and so I wanted to ask politely for your permission to use it in our flyer.
    The contest is absolutely non-profit such as our community. You may have a look at our webpage at The flyer will be spread via Facebook and email.

    Me and the whole Campusperle-community would highly appreciate your positive decision!

    Greetings from Hamburg,
    Luca Schomaker

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