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A new sign for a new pub...

With The Cambridge Tap all but dead in the water and various planning battles going on with developers looking to flatten pubs and build houses, there hasn’t been much good Cambridge pub news until the last week or so.

Firstly, news emerged in the New Year that the people behind The Mill have taken over the old Jolly Scholar / Bun Shop site and are opening the Cambridge Brew House, which will be replete with beer from its own on site micro brewery. Here’s hoping they take a progressive and new wave attitude to the beer they brew; can’t wait till next month to find out!

Then just this morning, Adam over at Pints and Pubs, broke the news that the Milton Brewery are to reopen the Haymakers in Cheterton. That area of town sorely needs a pub selling good beer, too many have closed over the last few years and the ones that are remaining are pretty dire. When it happens, it will also be the closest pub with decent beer to the Science Park area, which means lots of pub lunches for me!

Things are finally starting to look up for Cambridge drinkers, now if we could only persuade The Craft Beer Co. to open here too…

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  1. Great news! What ever happened to the Cambridge Tap in the end?

    Interestingly, apparently Brewdog have identified Cambridge as a target city for 2013 as well. Beer options could soon get even more varied than the current Mill Road run.

    1. I’m not sure of the exact details, but I think they got jerked around once too often and gave up. It might still happen at some point, but I wouldn’t hold your breath! As for BrewDog, it would certainly be a good addition, but I’m not sure I’d cross the threshold…

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