Life Beyond The Perceived Best

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I come across beer from a brewery new to me (i.e. I’ve not tried their beer before), I tend to seek out their flagship brews as a starting place. I suppose it’s to do with always wanting to try the perceived best that a brewery can make, why waste money on something that isn’t the best. Take Buxton Brewery for instance, I’ve had a few of their beers, but it’s mainly been Axe Edge or Imperial Black, as they were the ones that were garnering all the praise on twitter. It’s not like I couldn’t try the entire range, since the Bacchanalia finally got a great selection of them in last year, it’s just that I always went for the same perceived best.

Now I don’t do New Year resolutions, why set yourself up to fail…? However, I do sometimes try to set loose goals for things I want to achieve, or do at some point in the future. This year, I’ve decided to spread my wings a little, take the plunge and start trying beers that I would have overlooked before. So instead of just buying the perceived best, I’m going to start buying others from the range on offer, starting with these four from Buxton. Hopefully this attitude to selecting the beer I drink at home, will lead to the discovery of some that I really, really like. Who says the perceived best is actually always the best, everyone has different tastes after all and I don’t always want to be drinking a 7.5% Black IPA, no matter how amazingly good it is.

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