It Pays To Shop Around

I’m back home in Scotland this week, it’s half term, so I brought the kids up to see their Grandparents. I was quite shocked by the cost of petrol at the local garage, it’s 4p more expensive than back home, so I popped up to Dunfermline to see if it was cheaper at the big Tesco, it was.

As it happens, there’s also an Aldi, right next to the Tesco. I always have a look at what beer is available in any supermarket I visit in Scotland, there’s normally something I can’t get back in Cambridge. I also vaguely remembered someone on Twitter posting about Aldi having had a beer festival in the past, so I thought I’d pop in and see what they had. The Aldi near where we live, seems to major in beer from Batemans, so it was interesting to see that this one had more Williams Brothers than anything else. I noted the prices and wandered into Tesco to do some shopping.

When I got to the beer aisle in Tesco, I wasn’t really surprised to see that, even with a discount, they were selling the same beer at a higher price. So after picking up some supplies for a hill walking trip, I popped back across the road to Aldi and picked up a few of the cheaper bottles. Even if you wouldn’t normally darken the door of somewhere like Aldi, I’d rather not, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally pop in and see what they have. It would appear that just like with petrol, it pays to shop around for your beer too.

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