Ten days ago, I went out to the garden and took some photos of all my hop binds, with the intention of doing a quick blog about how Spring had arrived. Fast forward to today and I noticed that the hop binds have gone a bit mental with the recent warm sunny weather. The photo on the left is ten days ago, the one on the right, this morning, quite a difference!

I still haven’t used any of the hops I grew last year, they’re still in bags, deep in my mother-in-laws chest freezer. I should really plan a couple of brews to use them up, especially the ones I froze without drying. More pressingly though, I need to rig some sort of support system for these, so that they won’t collapse, the bamboo canes I used last year, weren’t anywhere near strong enough.

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  1. I ran some string between bamboo canes last year and they certainly struggled to support everything. This year I have some two inch stakes with wire between them – I’m hopeful 🙂

    1. The big bamboo canes I used last year just weren’t up to the task. Not sure what I’m going to do this year, as I really need to borrow a massive ladder so I can string a wire up the front of the house…

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