Craft Keg Arrives in Cambridge

I popped into the Cambridge Brew House at lunchtime, as I was dropping off a couple of bottles of homebrew for James, the head brewer of the Cambridge Brewing Company. As he was telling me about his future trip to a hop farm to pick up some green hops, my eye wandered to the back of the bar, where I noticed a load of keg fonts coming out of a keg attached to the wall. I’ll admit to suddenly blurting out “you have Thornbridge Jaipur on keg…!?!” and stopping James in his tracks; it’s not everyday you see that sort of thing round here.

So evidently the Cambridge Brew House have installed a few more keg lines and have some national and international craft keg on tap! Today there was Camden Pale Ale and Freedom Organic Lager on the main bar fonts, plus Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, Thornbridge Jaipur, Adnams Clump Sagin and Redhook Long Hammer IPA on the new keg fonts. If you can make out the prices on the photos above, you’ll notice that they’re craft keg prices, so a pint of the Jaipur would set you back £4.50. Which isn’t too steep if you’ve ever drank in Cask, Craft or The Euston Tap.

This is a definite step forward for pubs in Cambridge, especially as James told me that they had some Magic Rock stuff waiting to go on too. Which I’ll probably miss, due to being on holiday for the next three weeks, but those are the breaks. When I get back, I’m going to have to go down and see what they have on, fingers crossed for some Magic Rock

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  1. I went in there the other day and asked for a pint of Clump Sagin (very nice it was too). The lady behind the bar said “oh I’m sorry but we only sell it in halves” I said “thats fine, can I have two halves then”. She said “yes”. I said “can you put them both in one pint glass”, she said “of course, if that’s what you prefer”, which at that point really made me wonder as to the necessity of the past three minutes of conversation.

    Its a bit pricey, but then I remembered I had paid £4.20 for a pint of peroni in the Avery the previous day and it didn’t seem so bad.

    1. Pyo -haven’t been in the Avery since it’s Whitbread ale house incarnation in the 90s. Does it have any redeeming features ?

      Might go and look for Magic Rock in the Brewhouse myself.

      1. It occasionally has the test match on, so I sometimes spend an hour in there after work during the summer. But other than that, no.

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