A Trio From Buxton

Buxton beers in the fridge after a visit to the Bacchanalia...

I don’t buy as much Buxton Brewery beer as I’d like, so I snapped up these three when I saw them for sale in the Bacchanalia recently.

First up was Sky Mountain Sour, a collaboration brew with To Øl of Denmark. It poured a murky marmalade colour, with a loose ever so light tan coloured head. Sky Mountain Sour... It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I’m not sure what it smelt of to be honest; there was a definite fruity twang underneath the sour snap, I just couldn’t identify it. I’d been expecting something that was just a bit tart and lightweight, but the sourness instantly puckered the cheeks and got the mouth watering.

Rather than it tasting of rank ditch water, the sourness was really quite fruity, with just a splash of vinegar round the edges. It really tasted like it had some sort of fruit in it, like blueberries, or something, as even though the mouth was watering, it also had that dryness you get from things like sloes. I could have sworn that the beer had been aged on some blueberries or something similar, but evidently it was just a combination of Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe.

I was really looking forward to trying Jaw Gate, as it sounded right up my street. It poured a rather unappealing, murky, orange tinged, caramel brown, with a short lived head. Jaw Gate... The nose had some crunchy biscuit malt notes and a general freshness about it, with a hint of hop aroma seeping in around the edges. It was quite full in the mouth, with a nice level or carbonation, just the right side of lively. With an initial prickle from the carbonation, the bitterness asserted itself and washed through the mouth, leaving a slightly sweet, bitter orange aftertaste.

It wasn’t mega flavourful, but had enough interest right through the mouth, along with just the right level of mouth prickling bitterness. To be fair, I’d not long finished the Sky Mountain Sour, so it must have taken a while for my mouth to readjust, but when it did, woah. It really opened up and revealed a load of flavour and bitterness, it was ridiculously morish. One of those beers you wish you had a fridge full of.

Finally, Stronge Extra Stout poured an impenetrable black, with a compact, creamy, tan coloured head. The nose was powerful, but at the same time hardly there; hints of coffee and liquorice, but mainly treacle, lots of treacle. Stronge Extra Stout... While it was quite full bodied in the mouth, it didn’t feel like a massive beer. The flavours were massive though, so while the body may have not been as full as it could have been, the flavours were more reminiscent of an Imperial Stout, really big, bold and upfront.

Massive slightly overdone treacle toffee flavours, intermingled with liquorice and a bitterness that wouldn’t be out of place in a big IPA to finish it all off. The mouth was left tingling and awash with flavour that lasted for minutes after a mouthful. I was sure I’d still be able to taste it the following morning, the flavours were so powerful. Another beer I wished I’d bought another couple of.

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  • Stronge Extra Stout, 7.4%, 330ml

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