How Bad Can It Be…? Q.E. Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer

Elgoods Q.E. Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer

An Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer you say…? I’d be lying if I said that I thought it was going to be any good, but I’ll try anything once.

My Dad has a thing for cacti, so when my parents were visiting over Christmas, I took him to a local garden centre so he could expand his collection. On the way to the checkout, I decided to pursue their trivial local(ish) beer selection and spotted this bottle from Elgoods. You couldn’t tell it was from Elgoods when it was sitting on the shelf though, as the branding was completely different from all their other stuff; it was only upon reading the back label, that it became clear who’d brewed it.

It poured a pin bright golden yellow, with a fluffy white head. The head was one of those that struggled to get going and never really reached the size it should have got to, it also dropped to a ring round the edge of the glass fairly sharpish. On the nose, it was all apple flavoured Chewits; think Appletiser and you’re on the right track.

The apple was right upfront and personal in the mouth too, rolling around before eventually letting a few other flavours reveal themselves. I’m not sure about the vanilla, it might have been there, it might not; maybe a hint at the start of the aftertaste, but really faint. I did get quite a bit of wheat character, but it was a bit dusty and didn’t sit particularly well with all that apple.

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  • Q.E. Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer, 4%, 330ml

I didn’t quite know what to make of this beer, I couldn’t decide between it being not my thing or it being an utter, utter abomination; I’m tending to the later though. In the vast, vast majority of cases, I’d rather my beer tasted of malt and hops, not of apple flavoured Chewits. To be honest, I’m really glad that I didn’t buy this myself, I slipped it amongst my Dad’s cacti and got him to pay for it, as I’d have been a bit annoyed if I had.

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