How Bad Can It Be…? Q.E. Cherry Wheat Beer

Last week I found myself in the same garden centre where I purchased the Elgoods Q.E. Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer last year. After thinking that was an abomination, I had reservations about buying the Q.E. Cherry Wheat Beer which they also had on their shelves.

Since I’ll try anything once and Glyn said he liked it, I thought I had to give it a try. It poured a deep cherry red, with a shocking pink coloured head that didn’t last. The nose was all cherry, think of opening a can of those cherries you’d put on a 1980’s Black Forest gâteau and you’re in the ballpark.

In the mouth it didn’t really taste of beer at all, it was more of an overly sweet, fizzy cherry squash. If you liquidised the afore mentioned can of black cherries, I’m sure they was taste exactly like this did, except not as sweet. Did I mention it was sweet yet? As it started sweet and just got sweeter and sweeter.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Q.E. Apple & Vanilla Wheat Beer though and was crying out to be mixed with something else. I don’t know how sour their Coolship Lambic is, but I imagine that a mix of those two might work. It’s either that kind of thing, or a large chocolate stout that can dull the sweetness. As on its own, unless you like your beer so sweet it takes the enamel off your teeth, it’s really not that great.

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