The Dimpled Mug

Twitter has been alive with chatter about the dimpled mug today, after an article appeared on the BBC website heralding its return. I didn’t realise that the one true beer glass had gone anywhere…

I jest a little when I say it’s the one true beer glass, as certain styles of beer do require a certain type of glass. However, I’m not a fan of what the BBC article calls a Tulip and I positively loth the Nonic. The humble dimpled mug has been my favorite for as long as I can remember, certainly way back into my childhood. There’s just something about a tankard with a handle.

I was going to just have one sentence in this blog, essentially:

If you don’t like a dimpled mug, then you don’t like beer.

But each to their own; I’m also rather partial to a goblet and I loved the two TeKu glasses I brought back from Italy in 2010. I’m sure the hipsters will eventually tire of it and move onto something else, leaving the devoted to their one true beer glass.

You can read the article on the BBC website here and see what people have been chirping about here.

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  1. I hate dimpled mugs. I find them horrible to use.

    I think this might be a hand-size issue. The handles are far too big and the curve makes hold position awkward – I end up holding towards the top, where the handle is horizontal. They’re heavy, and my hand can’t be in contact with the rest of the glass to support it because of the handle size, and it’s very unbalanced. They glass overall has too big a circumference for me to be happy holding it with one hand around the middle.

    Where as I have no particular ill-will towards the winter ale festival tankards, as they have a smaller, vertical handle, are less heavy, and I can ignore the handle and hold with one hand around the glass if I want.

    In places I know have dimpled glasses, I always request a straight-sided one.

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