Advent Beer: Beavertown Quelle Farmhouse Pale

Pretty sure Beavertown Quelle used to be called a Saison, rather than a Farmhouse Pale. What’s in a name? De toute façon, est-il bon?

for some reason I’ve never had this beer before, even though I’ve seen it around. I’m not sure why, but as it turns out, it’s been my loss.

It poured a pale, hazy, light straw colour, with a loose white head. Looking just like you’d imagine a saison should. I didn’t get much on the nose, there was some freshness with a hint of underlying lemon though. In the mouth, it was tart, lemony, peppery, quenching and very drinkable. It also had a lingering, slightly yeasty and very mouthwatering aftertaste.

The only fault I could mention, was that it became really quite cerealy / wheaty as it warmed up, which wasn’t so great. Having said that, this isn’t really the kind of beer that will be getting left to warm up. It’s that good, you’ll have drunk it all, before it get’s anywhere near that state.

I like it, a lot.

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